How to Prevent Falling Prey to Phishing, Vishing and Smishing Attacks

Posted by Minal Pithia on Wed, Aug 05, 2009

The term “Phishing” originated in 1996, by 2003 fraudsters registered thousands of domains that targeted various organizations. Today we see many different kinds of phishing attacks. Phishers are always coming up with new ways to target people and organizations.  Recent “media hyped’ events such as swine flu and Michael Jacksons death have been turned into a scam. They grab any opportunity they can get. They are also quick to use new technology and with Smartphone’s on the rise, it makes it easier for them to launch more and more Smishing, and Vishing attacks. As identity theft on the Internet becomes more sophisticated it’s important to protect ourselves.

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Topics: Identity Theft, Phishing, smishing, vishing

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