Are 15% of Fortune 100 CEOs Victims of On-Line Masqueraders?

Posted by Greg Mancusi-Ungaro on Fri, Jun 10, 2016

BrandProtect recently trained our threatSMART platform on the social media presence of Fortune 100 CEOs to understand the breadth of one of social engineers' key exploits -- executive masquerades. Executive masquerades are an essential component of one the most damaging classes of modern attacks -- the BEC attack. We focused our investigation on LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and activity. 

We were surprised by what we found...

Fortune 100 CEOs are among the most respected names in business. They are also among the most careful participants in the online world. If this elite group is a target, the potential for masquerading at all levels of a company and in all industries would theoretically be much higher. 

Among the subset of Fortune 100 CEOs who maintain a LinkedIn profile, our review found that more than 15% are represented online by two or more LinkedIn profiles.

We looked on Twitter, too, and there, the numbers are worse. Among the subset of Fortune 100 CEOs who maintain a personal Twitter presence, almost 40% are plagued with duplicate Twitter accounts.

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Will the Real Donald J. Trump Please Stand Up?

Posted by Peter Dylan on Thu, Jan 28, 2016

As part of the BrandProtect 2016 Elections Project, we’ve been looking at The Donald’s use of Twitter. 

Or, more accurately, we’ve been looking at how others have been using Donald Trump's identity to promote their twitter activity.  There are lots of them.....


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Twitter Trademark Abuse and Impersonation

Posted by Natasha Vadori on Fri, Jun 20, 2014

It is important for businesses to understand how managing their reputation can influence how a company is perceived by others. Reputation Management was originally a focus for Public Relation departments, but along with the advancement of technology, there has become an increase in number of places for your brand’s image to be affected. The internet, specifically social media sites, has become a major concern for an organization’s search results.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Feeding Social Media Buzz

Posted by Greg Barrow on Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Living in the city of Toronto has been exciting the past few weeks.  It’s not often the city you work and live in gets global attention because its Mayor admits to smoking crack, driving drunk, and basically apologizes by saying he was “#inadrunkenstupor” when those events happened. Just when you think you have heard it all, Mayor Rob Ford, continues to give us more to talk about, tweet about, share and comment on, online. Since we (BrandProtect) are located in this great city of Toronto, I thought this would be a good time to test our Social Media Analysis and Research Tool (SMART), with the buzzing online chatter about our Mayor. 

The topic is very controversial and Mayor Ford has taken a lot of slack across social media for his actions, for his statements, and for not stepping down or taking a leave of absence. While the volume of mentions of Rob Ford has skyrocketed in the past few weeks, not all that is said is negative. Ford Nation is still strong in Toronto and many people think that if he was to take a leave of absence and go get help, that when he came back healthy – he could easily win next year’s election by a landslide.

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Social Media Surveillance - We’re Watching You!

Posted by Natasha Vadori on Fri, Oct 04, 2013

Welcome to the year 2013, where nothing you do online is a secret. One of the main reasons for this lack of security comes down to the fact that people have become casual about their own privacy. They leave their profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) public so that they can “meet” new people and make new “friends”.

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Is Twitter The Preferred Financial News Source? What Your Company Needs To Know

Posted by Adriana Tayraco on Fri, Aug 23, 2013

Picture this: A well-known Billionaire financier tweets about your company’s desirability level to investors - and his own position in your company - causing a Wall Street frenzy.

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135th INTA Annual Meeting Recap: New gTLDs, Social Media and Bullies, oh my!

Posted by Jamila Hunte on Tue, May 21, 2013

The International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting marked its 135th year in Dallas, Texas.  There was no short supply of cowboy hats and warm southern hospitality to meet the delegates as they convened into downtown Dallas.  At this point, I am not sure what the attendee number will be this year, but they say that it is on track to beat last year’s Washington, DC meeting which opened its doors to 9600 attendees – a new record. 

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How a tweet to @NationalBank got me a great mortgage rate!

Posted by Shanna Gordon on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

A few months back I purchased a new home and needed to re-finance my mortgage.  In the past I have always dealt with a mortgage broker who did all the negotiating for me.  This time proved to be a little different.

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