Threat Brief: Facebook - Who Are You Sharing Your Life With?

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Thu, Apr 05, 2018


As Facebook faces the data privacy scandal involving the consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, where they managed to access the records of more than 50 million users, it is time for you to take a giant leap towards protecting your information and review what you are sharing online.

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Topics: Privacy Protection, Facebook, ThreatBrief

Threat Brief: Free Sweepstakes Might Cost You

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Thu, Mar 01, 2018


Fraudulent sweepstakes can arrive through the mail, an internet ad and even through a phone call or text message. Scammers are now using sophisticated tactics for their notifications to seem real and fool victims into giving them personal information to use it for criminal activities such as taking out loan or even filing for tax refunds on their behalf.

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Threat Brief: Tax Scams are Back and Spreading Fast

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Thu, Feb 01, 2018


Cybercriminals are becoming smarter in developing sophisticated schemes that can easily deceive anyone. From perfectly constructed emails that look legitimate to fake phone calls claiming to be from the IRS… it’s all coming back and the scams are spreading faster than ever!

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Topics: ThreatBrief, tax scam, phishing emails

Threat Brief: Online Scammers are Getting Smarter and You Should Too!

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Tue, Jan 02, 2018

91% of cyberattacks start with one simple phishing email!

Phishing attacks and scams have been around for a long time and continue to be an issue for companies worldwide. In the past, these scams were fairly easy to spot: emails with obvious grammatical errors, fake login pages or links redirecting you to fraudulent bank accounts. Nowadays, scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and even if you’re the most attentive Internet user you might fall for nefarious internet hoaxes.

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Topics: ThreatBrief, online protection, Online Scams

Threat Brief: Traveling for the Holidays? You Might Be a Target for Cyber Criminals

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Fri, Dec 01, 2017

15 million bookings are affected by fraudulent websites and call centers posing as hotel websites

Cybercrime doesn’t take time off  but you can always stay one step ahead by learning about the common threats and how you can prevent them from ruining your vacations.

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Topics: ThreatBrief, identity theft prevention, online protection, traveling abroad

Threat Brief: How to Avoid Mobile Fraud on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Wed, Nov 01, 2017

48% of online orders were generated via mobile devices on Black Friday 2016!

Don't let the frenzy of scoring the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday get the best of you. Follow this guide to make your online purchases securely.

This month's BrandProtect Executive Threat Brief provides you a guide to shopping safely online during Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

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Topics: black friday, cyber monday, ThreatBrief, mobile fraud

Threat Brief: Buying and Selling Online - Is it too Good to be True?

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Tue, Oct 03, 2017

Are you aware of the risks of buying and selling online?

These days, people can buy and sell almost anything online. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have taken advantage of internet anonimity to scam buyers and sellers

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Topics: ThreatBrief, online threat, buying and selling online, online protection

Threat Brief: Could You Be The Next Investment Fraud Victim?

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Fri, Sep 01, 2017

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Phony advertisements can deceive even the savviest investors by promising high returns with little money in a short period of time. Investment fraud can look legitimate:  criminals are using different tools and forms of communications designed to gain the trust of their victims and have succeeded in scamming people. So, who are the most common targets? Are you vulnerable to fraud? And if you already have an online investment account, is it secure?

This month's BrandProtect Executive Threat Brief provides you information on how investment scams work and how to protect your online investment account. BrandProtect Executive Threat Briefs are designed to minimize your exposure by educating you and your team about simple steps you can take to protect your personal information online.

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