Abuse Box Forwarding (ABF) - Improve Response Time, Reduce Manpower, Compliance

Posted by Dylan Sachs

Thu, Feb 08, 2018

One of the defining characteristics of a takedown provider is its ability to detect phishing sites.  Through various approaches, takedown vendors have defined their strategies for detection of malicious emails - either building up their own spam traps, pulling data from third-parties like the Anti-Phishing Working Group, partnering with mail service providers, or even acquiring other organizations.  While these approaches are often successful, in that they detect a significant number of phishing attacks, they are still incomplete, and often are missing a non-negligible amount of phish.  

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Why Phishing Attack Takedown Coverage is Key to Cutting Your Exposure

Posted by Dylan Sachs

Fri, Dec 04, 2009

It has been well known for some time - at least, amongst those in the industry and by those with coverage - that having a solid takedown service is essential to limiting the exposure you and your customers face as a result of phishing attacks.  Studies have shown - consistently - that brands who have a well-defined takedown process (including a third-party takedown company) experience significant reductions in the lifetimes of phishing sites targeting their customer base.

Recently, there has been a spike in fast-flux, high-volume phishing activity.  Previously, this was known as "Rock Phish" activity; however that can be considered version 1.0 - domains, hosted on a botnet, targeting multiple financial brands and their customers via phishing sites.  Version 2.0 - known as Avalanche or ZBOT - is particularly troubling as they have evolved to include a malware payload, and broadened their target base by including social networking sites, government agencies, and even spoofing the email recipient's domain.  While complete fraud-loss and malware infection rates are difficult to come by, Damballa research found that the Zeus Trojan - the malware payload included in the Avalanche attacks - has infected 3.6 million systems in the U.S. alone. 

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Topics: Phishing, solutions for phishing

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