Top Cyber Threats of 2017

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Every year cyber criminals devise new high profile and sophisticated attacks against organizations worldwide. 2017 is no exception: from complex ransomware attacks to large data breaches, it is obvious this year’s cyber-attacks have caused major damage. Below you will find the most prominent cyber security news so far and the lessons they’ve left behind.

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CyberAttack Exposes IRS Tax Returns

Posted by Greg Mancusi-Ungaro on Wed, May 27, 2015


Just a month ago, I wrote about an emerging critical cyber threat trend -- attacks centered on health care providers and health insurance systems.  These schemes are very lucrative for thieves because the loot, electonic health records, contains everything needed -- social security numbers, known addresses, phone numbers, relatives, payment preferences -- to create duplicate identities for individuals.  Just add the photo.

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Target’s Once-Stellar Reputation Is In Trouble… Big Trouble

Posted by Adriana Tayraco on Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Earlier last week Jody Westby wrote a very insightful article for Forbes highlighting the lack of experience and expertise from most board members and CEOs when dealing with serious cyber risks. A great point is made when she remarks that “they [CEOs and board members] are beginning to realize that there are best practices for cyber governance, and this involves more than asking interesting questions now and then or accommodating an annual ten-minute IT report on the board agenda”.

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Security Breach: Is Your Brand Prepared?

Posted by Adrian Sertl on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

No one likes to hear that their security has been compromised, whether it is your website, your finances, or God forbid, your personal well being.  What’s worse is the feeling of despair you feel when you find out your personal information has fallen into a fraudster’s hands by way of an online security breach which targeted a company that you’ve put your trust into.  That is exactly what happened to Adobe as hackers were able to access the software company’s networks making off with information on upwards of 38 million user accounts. 

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