Why Social Media Risk Planning is Necessary for Brand Image

Posted by Natalie Gleba on Fri, Jul 11, 2014

It is no surprise that 84% of businesses have now adopted social media to implement an online presence to communicate with customers and overall, increase their brand reach [1]. Whether a small independent business or a large B2B company, it is more evident than ever that businesses who do not build and maintain an online social media presence will get left behind, and evidently lack competitiveness. Having a social media presence offers clear advantages for marketing and sales departments, however, with this comes the disadvantage of having increased social media risks that could potentially harm the company’s brand. Therefore, it is extremely important that businesses adopt a Social Media Risk Plan to manage their reputation online and know how to mitigate potential threats.

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Password Panic Can Put Your Brand’s Reputation At Risk

Posted by Omri Benhaim on Mon, Apr 28, 2014

Earlier this month we were all informed that the Heartbleed bug which affected versions of OpenSSL, a widely used data encryption standard had potentially compromised our personal information. Around the world the response was the same “change your password”. Seems like a simple enough solution, but if you are using an unsecure password changing it will not protect you for long. In addition if you did not wait for each website to patch their OpenSSL before changing your passwords, then your new passwords may have already been compromised too.

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Employees: An Insider Threat To Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Posted by Natasha Vadori on Fri, Mar 28, 2014

Time and time again, we come across a social media crisis that could have been prevented. Although you can’t control what’s being said outside your organization, you very well can control what’s being said inside. The internal threat is all too real. Whether it’s leaking unapproved information, or a disgruntled employee complaining about their organization (see HMV crisis circa January 2013), organizations need to establish some form of social media guidance. Employees are people; and people make mistakes. It’s important to try to circumvent any possible issues that may cause customers some anguish.

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Why Should the CSO care About Social Media? Top 5 Reasons Why They Should

Posted by Shanna Gordon on Wed, Oct 16, 2013

There are very few CSO’s that care about tweets, Instagram’s, likes, followers. etc.  Understandably, it’s not their job to care about how popular their brands are on Facebook or how their Twitter followers have grown by 56% in 2013.   The management of these categories falls to the marketing social media and branding departments.  Despite this, however, those teams are very focused on their marketing initiatives and not, say physical security threats against their organization or disgruntled employees threatening to go postal.

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BrandProtect's Upcoming Webinar with FS-ISAC: Register Today

Posted by Shanna Gordon on Tue, Mar 05, 2013

BrandProtect is collaborating with the FS-ISAC on an upcoming webinar to discuss the implications of the current FDIC Mobile Applications Guidance and pending FFIEC Social Media Guidance. The webinar will provide financial institutions information on the two guidance’s including; exam findings, risks, best practices, budgetary planning and implementation plans. 

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National Labor Relations Board Steps into the Social Media Scene

Posted by Rosemary Brkopac on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

Along with a fresh near year, we are seeing a fresh new protection on the formerly precarious practice of employees posting their comments about their employers’ activities on social media sites - under certain conditions.

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Which Smartphone OS protects you, your organization and your brand the best?

Posted by Omri Benhaim on Tue, Jan 22, 2013

The debate has never been livelier and companies are still asking “Which OS provides the best security and management tools for my business”? In the beginning we only had to choose from 2 options: BlackBerry and iPhone. At the time the obvious choice was BlackBerry due to their enhanced security features. But over the last 4 years new OS systems have been released as well as the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) to work and the OS debate has been reignited. But why is it important you ask? There are 3 things to think about: Phishing, Malware and Brand Abuse. Phishing and Malware have become such a common occurrence these days that it is imperative that the OS system you choose provides the most secure and manageable email system as well as the most up to date and comprehensive malware protection system possible. Protecting private emails, texts and local documents on each employee’s phone prevents fraudsters from stealing that info which could allow them to learn financial, trade and development secrets which could be used to create fake mobile apps (abusing your trademarks) as well as providing them email addresses, contracts etc. which they could use for “traffic diversion”, “counterfeit activity” and “misrepresentation”. So which OS is best: Windows, Android, Apple or BlackBerry?

Windows:  As the Windows OS is still fairly new to the market it is hard to evaluate its performance in an enterprise context. Having said that, the OS itself performs well in general and has a similar security model as Android while providing slightly higher security features and scrutiny.

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Social Media Risks and Rewards in the Workplace

Posted by Natasha Vadori on Fri, Jan 11, 2013

There’s been an ongoing debate the last few years between employees and employers about whether or not social media should be allowed in the workplace. The truth is, you have to weigh your risks and rewards before making a decision.

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