New Legislation Makes Anti-Spam Laws More Consistent Across North America

Posted by Jamila Enta on Thu, Feb 13, 2014

I just did a mental poll and yes, spam is still one of the most annoying things to receive in your email.  These messages may include unsolicited offers for cheap Viagra or requests from a Nigerian Prince requesting your bank account information because he needs help to move a large sum of money and in turn, will repay you with a generous sum of money for your time and effort.  There are also phishing attacks emails that try to trick the user by providing them with a link to a spoofed website that looks identical to a financial institution’s website.  If you have an email account, chances are good that you have encountered these or similar scenarios. People are becoming more aware of the dangers of engaging with unsolicited emails and stay away, but would you consider a legitimate email from a company as spam?

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What We Can Learn From Target's Post-hack Email

Posted by Omri Benhaim on Thu, Feb 06, 2014

In December I received a communication from a client asking if I could look into an email that their employees were receiving; claiming to be from the retailer Target regarding the recent financial security breach. Many of the employees were either not sure what to do about the email or claimed to have never shopped at any Target store and were not sure why they were receiving the email in the first place.

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Has Spring brought fresh new Phishing emails to your inbox?

Posted by Karim Dharamshi on Wed, Apr 03, 2013

Spring brings eternal hope as the saying goes. It also continues to bring Phishing to an email near you. One thing we can say definitely about phishing is that it does not discriminate against any of the seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are all desirable. Recently, one of my email addresses has been inundated with phishing emails. They range from re-setting my Facebook account; to shipping details and order tracking for the parcel I have apparently ordered to having to contact my ISP for tech support through a specific URL they provided. Now consider that if one has a Facebook account; they may think the email is legit. After all, Facebook seems to be changing things on a weekly basis and with that want to keep their millions of dedicated users up to date on the changes. 

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A Community Bank attacks phishing away from home with BrandProtect.

Posted by Greg Barrow on Mon, Aug 27, 2012

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