Its about time - Global Online Counterfeit Pharma Effort

Posted by Michael Kiefer

Wed, Oct 20, 2010

10% or more of the worlds prescription drugs are counterfeit and until now, not much has been done because most
of the counterfeit drugs have stayed in third world countries.  The EU and North America are now seeing the problem
so something is being done.  Pharma and law enforcement has woke up to the internet and how anyone can be anyone
and monetize counterfeit drugs, ANYWHERE!  40 countries have taken part in an international week of action targeting
the online sale of counterfeit and illegal medicines to raise awareness of the associated health risks, resulting in arrests
across the globe and the seizure of thousands of potentially harmful medicines.

Just last night I saw in shock the IBM commercial calling out the pharma problem, no one wanted to bring to the EU or North American public: 

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Topics: Counterfeiting, Anti-Counterfeiting, counterfeit drugs

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