Do you know where your Logos are? BrandProtect, your trusted partners in Internet Threat Management, does.

Posted by Adrian Sertl on Tue, Apr 22, 2014

For over a decade BrandProtect has serviced dozens of clients over a wide spectrum of industries, monitoring the Internet for all sorts of infringements to the online brand.  Our primary goal is to become as integrated with our clients’ brand enforcement teams as fully as possible.  That way we can better identify the risks to their brand, provide the best advice possible on how to deal with these risks, and, if necessary, intervene on the client’s behalf in the best way possible in order to have the issue resolved. 

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Topics: trademark issues, compliance, unauthorized associations

Brand Abuse Takedown Checklist and Guidelines for 2013

Posted by Omri Benhaim on Fri, Oct 18, 2013

Recently at an online trademark conference I sat down with a trademark lawyer who has been working in the business for over 30 years. He told me a story of how 10 years ago a client came to him asking to remove a video from a website called YouTube. The lawyers response to his client was “what is YouTube?” and “don’t worry about it, no one will ever see that video or go to that site”.  While I found this story funny I also find it speaks true to the attitude most organizations, lawyers and brand managers had about online brand abuse and trademark infringement.

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Topics: brand abuse, online brand protection, compliance, intellectual property

Is Twitter The Preferred Financial News Source? What Your Company Needs To Know

Posted by Adriana Tayraco on Fri, Aug 23, 2013

Picture this: A well-known Billionaire financier tweets about your company’s desirability level to investors - and his own position in your company - causing a Wall Street frenzy.

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Topics: Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring, twitter, negative reviews, Discussion Monitoring, compliance

Rebranding? 3 Things you need to do to stay compliant

Posted by Adrian Sertl on Fri, Jun 21, 2013

In the world of professional sports rebrands are a part of life; from time to time expansion franchises pop up or teams relocate to new cities, which is usually followed by an aggressive rebranding campaign to sell tickets and merchandise in these new markets.  In professional soccer rebranding is taken to a whole different level as clubs are in the business of redesigning the jerseys they play in on an annual basis with the intent of filling the coffers of their merchandise stores.  For the global brands this can definitely be a very lucrative venture. 

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Topics: Brand Protection, Domain Management, compliance, rebranding

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