Who is Responsible for Online Brand Protection?

Posted by Kevin Joy on Fri, Oct 01, 2010

We often get asked “who is responsible for online brand protection”.  This is a challenging one as every organization is different and yet most functional areas can stand to gain by having greater visibility over security, intellectual property and customer experience abuses to name but a few.  This adage article though advocates Marketing control over this growing concern as stewards of the brand and, with the increasing dependency on technology within the marketing department, the creation of a “Chief Marketing Technologist” role.  With sufficient technical savvy under marketing's own roof, the article argues-- new solutions can be implemented with minimal or zero IT involvement which can significantly speed up adoption and give marketing finer control over the trade-offs of different options, while allowing the organization as a whole to coordinate its effectiveness in maintaining control over how they are represented online.

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Topics: Brand Protection, Reputation Management, Chief Marketing Technologist

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