Brand Reputation Management - Beware the Customer's Reptile Brain!

Posted by Ben Bradley on Mon, Aug 31, 2009
A recent sour experience with a car rental company put my reptile brain into over-drive.The dispute is over a small amount - about $220.

The reptile brain doesn't have complex emotions. It thinks in simple terms: fight or flight.

My reptile brain wants to fight. Maybe post a video of their shoddy customer service practices to YouTube, register a domain, and generally bitch and moan so loudly that their senior management gets headaches.

But I won't.  At least not yet.

Why not yet? We'll, maybe I can turn them into a customer for BrandProtect and it wouldn't be good if I slammed them publicly.  And also because it just too easy to make myself a nuisance. With the power of the Internet, it is possible for one person to tell his story to thousands of people.

This power illustrates just how effective a single "guerrilla" can be in the face of a corporate superpower.

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