Brand Reputation Management - Beware the Customer's Reptile Brain!

Posted by Ben Bradley on Mon, Aug 31, 2009
A recent sour experience with a car rental company put my reptile brain into over-drive.The dispute is over a small amount - about $220.

The reptile brain doesn't have complex emotions. It thinks in simple terms: fight or flight.

My reptile brain wants to fight. Maybe post a video of their shoddy customer service practices to YouTube, register a domain, and generally bitch and moan so loudly that their senior management gets headaches.

But I won't.  At least not yet.

Why not yet? We'll, maybe I can turn them into a customer for BrandProtect and it wouldn't be good if I slammed them publicly.  And also because it just too easy to make myself a nuisance. With the power of the Internet, it is possible for one person to tell his story to thousands of people.

This power illustrates just how effective a single "guerrilla" can be in the face of a corporate superpower.

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Why Should You Protect Your Brands Online Reputation?

Posted by Elyse Neumann on Tue, Aug 11, 2009
The question should really be why WOULDN'T you do everything you can to protect your brands online reputation?  I have spent the last six years watching the many ways a brand can be eroded on the Internet.  From the misuse of a logo or company name, to links with your brand name resolving on competitors or third party sites, to personal sites created in your organizations image, to domains being created with your registered trademark to more sever issues such as malware, phishing, pornography and child pornography.  No matter how ruthless or benign the infringement is, your organization's brand is being affected and each instance is wearing away at the foundation of the Brand you have worked so hard to create. 
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Who is Responsible for Protecting a Company's Online Reputation?

Posted by Elias Vamvakas on Wed, Jul 15, 2009
I was having dinner the other night with a close friend and we were discussing all of the exciting things that were going on at BrandProtect. He was really intrigued, recognizing the threat of internet crime and the potential abuse of social media discussions where exploding and a major reason for concern to corporations whose brand and reputation was of significant value.
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