Infographic - Monthly Internet Risk Cyber Threat Trends | January 2018

Posted by Alexa Villanueva on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

CyberThreatBrief_Banner January  2018.png

Mobile threats increased 453% compared to December!

BrandProtect uses propietary technology to constantly search the internet for threats associated with operational, legal, reputational, revenue and compliance risk.

View BrandProtect's Internet Risk Cyber Threat Trends and learn about the monthly trends on mitigation and take downs of malicious domains, brand, social media, mobile and phishing threats.

Download January's Infographic!

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BrandProtect deploys a unique combination of advanced proprietary technology, incident-oriented workflow, advanced reporting and threat forensics, backed by a seasoned team of deeply experienced threat analysts, to quickly identify and take action on illegal, infringing or threatening online incidents involving IP, trusted brands and trademarks.

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