BrandProtect Announces Major Updates to threatSMART Platform

Posted by Greg Mancusi-Ungaro on Thu, Apr 28, 2016


New Features Enhance Proactive Defenses Against Modern Cyber Exploits, Including Socially Engineered Spear Phishing, Ransomware and other BEC Attacks

TORONTO – April 27, 2016BrandProtect has significantly extended its industry leading threatSMART™ platform for cyber threat monitoring, intelligence, and mitigation with key features designed to speed analysis and enhance proactive defenses against modern cyber exploits, including socially engineered spear phishing, ransomware, and other business email compromise (BEC) attacks. New platform enhancements include MX-Record Monitoring, Advanced Incident Correlation, the BrandProtect ThreatCenter™, and new direct connections of threatSMART data feeds to popular enterprise threat analytics platforms Splunk and HP ArcSight.

“Enterprise-targeted cyberattacks are evolving rapidly. Socially engineered phishing, BEC and other focused, and unfortunately, effective schemes dominate the concerns of enterprise CISOs everywhere,” said Roberto Drassinower, BrandProtect CEO. “Today we announce the latest of our continuous enhancements to our threatSMART platform, again directly addressing the most important pain points that CISOs now face. We are filling the gaps for threat detection, intelligence, and mitigation of cyber threats that arise beyond the traditional security perimeter.”

MX-record monitoring provides CISOs with early warnings about newly activated email domains that might be used for imminent spear phishing or BEC attacks on their employees or business partners. An MX record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System that, when active, allows a domain to communicate with other email domains. Now, MX record monitoring is a standard part of all BrandProtect domain monitoring services

 Advanced Incident Correlation provides CISOs with new visibility to the linkages that may exist between diverse incidents that look unrelated to one another. When validating an incident, the threatSMART platform automatically gathers documenting information and threat data, such as registrar, registrant, ISP, IP address, Twitter ID, geography, date, time, etc. ThreatSMART uses this information to identify similar incidents across the threat data maintained at BrandProtect. When correlations are identified within a single customer’s data or across the millions of current suspicious events in the BrandProtect ThreatCenter™, the linked incidents can be reprioritized and different mitigation strategies can be used.

 The BrandProtect ThreatCenter contains a continuously updated collection of suspicious Web events, detected within the public domain across the surface, deep and dark Web locationsThe data includes potential threats across all industries. BrandProtect cyber threat analysts leverage this data not only to validate and verify actual cyber threats against client companies, but to also uncover subtle patterns and linkages that define threat trends, identify threat actors, and give early warning to future potential threats.

 For enterprises that are implementing internal security operations centers, new connections directly link data from the BrandProtect threatSMART platform to the popular analytical tool, Splunk, and to the industry-standard security information and event management (SIEM) solution, HP ArcSight, for advanced analytics or reporting created within the SOC. Now threatSMART can feed threat data directly to these widely-used platforms, assuring that in-house analysts have access to the latest information about cyber threats that arise beyond the perimeter.

 BrandProtect is in a unique position in the cyber-intelligence and cyber-risk analysis world. Its flagship technology-enabled service, threatSMART, is the leading enterprise platform for cyber threat detection, intelligence and threat mitigation. BrandProtect helps to close the security gap that most enterprises have beyond their traditional perimeters. Through industry-leading detection and filtering technology, BrandProtect identifies and collects millions of suspicious surface, deep and dark Web cyber events, which its team of deeply experienced cyber threat analysts analyze and develop into validated threats and their associated data. When actionable threats are validated, BrandProtect initiates and drives mitigation activities to neutralize the threats. Hundreds of enterprise customers, representing every major industry, depend on BrandProtect to identify, analyze and take action against those threats that represent clear danger to business integrity, compliance, reputation, and bottom lines.


  • Hear from BrandProtect experts on how businesses can protect their rights, revenues and reputations online via its blog, and connect with the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • BrandProtect will be exhibiting and speaking at the FS-ISAC Spring Summit, taking place at the Loews Miami Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, from May 2-5, and is on hand to discuss how CISOs and security teams at financial institutions can improve cyber threat awareness by implementing systematic threat monitoring, beyond the perimeter. To book a meeting, contact


  • BrandProtect will be attending Gartner Security and Risk Summit, taking place at the at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland from June 13-16, 2016, and is available to discuss how CISOs and security teams at leading enterprises can best position themselves to play a leading role defending themselves and their clients against the growing threats of social domain and cyber risk. To book a meeting, contact or, if you’re a member of the press or analyst community, email

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