Threat Brief: Personal Device Awareness

Posted by Peter Dylan on Mon, Apr 03, 2017


What if your phone was hacked? Would you know?

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, mobile devices are vulnerable to attacks in the same way any computer is. A smart phone is exactly that: a computer, and it should at least keep up with the same level of security. Traveling in your pocket, in and out of carefully designed security perimeters, your phones are always on, and always connected. In your portfolio of devices, the phone is both under protected and highly vulnerable. Hence, why it should be your most protected, but most can profess this is not the case.

042017-PersonalDeviceAwareness.pngAn unsecured device becomes an easy entry point for hackers to eventually gain access to your organization’s security perimeter or worse, your personal, family affairs. This month's BrandProtect Executive Threat Brief offers a solid foundation for you to fully utilize the security features that come with your device, and to establish a groundwork for hardening the overall security of your most vulnerable companion—the device in your pocket.

BrandProtect Executive Threat Briefs are designed to minimize your exposures by educating you and your team about simple steps you can take to protect your personal information online.

 BrandProtect has developed a series of free, monthly Executive Threat Briefs focused on social media risk.  The briefs deal with online situations that you and your people encounter every day, and the simple steps you can take to be better protected from common social media dangers. You can use this piece internally and externally for educating your staff  (and alerting their families) on social media risk. 


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